Limited Warranty for MS–E Series Inverter

Magnum Energy

This is the warranty for an international market MS–E series inverter–charger, such as model MS4124E. It is an excerpt from the MS–E series owner's manual. The warranty statement for your product may be different. To find your product's warranty statement, please refer to the end pages of your product's owner's manual.

Magnum Energy, Inc., warrants the MS–E Series to be free from defects in material and workmanship that result in product failure during normal usage, according to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The limited warranty for the product extends for 24 months beginning from the product’s original date of purchase.
  2. The limited warranty extends to the original purchaser of the product and is not assignable or transferable to any subsequent purchaser.
  3. During the limited warranty period, Magnum Energy will repair or replace at Magnum Energy's option any defective parts, or any parts that will not properly operate for their intended use, with factory new or rebuilt replacement items if such repair or replacement is needed because of product malfunction or failure during normal usage. The limited warranty does not cover defects in appearance, cosmetic, decorative or structural parts or any non-operative parts. Magnum Energy’s limit of liability under this warranty shall be the actual cash value of the product at the time the original purchaser returns the product for repair, determined by the price paid by the original purchaser. Magnum Energy shall not be liable for any other losses or damages.
  4. Upon request from Magnum Energy, the original purchaser must prove the product’s original date of purchase by a dated bill of sale, itemized receipt.
  5. The original purchaser shall return the product prepaid to Magnum Energy in Everett, WA. After the completion of service under this limited warranty, Magnum Energy will return the product prepaid to the original purchaser via a Magnum-selected non-expedited surface freight within the contiguous United States and Canada; this excludes Alaska and Hawaii.
  6. This limited warranty is voided if:
    • the product has been modified without authorization
    • the serial number has been altered or removed
    • the product has been damaged from abuse, neglect, accident, high voltage or corrosion
    • the product was not installed and operated according to the owner's manual
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