Warranty Information for Renewable Energy Equipment

Magnum Energy Inverters

Limited Warranty

In general terms, Magnum Energy® warrantees its export inverter–chargers (230 VAC/50 Hz models) for 24 months from date of purchase. This includes the following inverter–chargers, by series:

  • MM–E
  • MMS–E
  • MS–AEJ
  • MS–E
  • MS–PE
  • RD–E

(Learn more about Magnum Energy® series part numbers.)

Domestic inverter–charger series ME and MS carry a 36 month warranty. The domestic application models MM, MMS and RD series carry a 24 month warranty. All Magnum Energy® accessories carry a 12 month warranty except the ME-ARC50 which carries a 24 month warranty. Inverter mounting panel MMP carries a 36 month warranty and MP carries a 12 month warranty. For specific information on your product's warranty, please see the end pages of your product owner's manual. You are welcome to click to Magnum Energy's Inverter–Charger MS4124E warranty as an example. The warranty for your product may be different. Check your owner's manual!

Summary of Magnum Energy® Warranty Coverage
Market Unit/Series Warranty (months)
All Inverter or Inverter–Charger purchased with MP or MMP 601
International MM-E, MMS-E, MS-AEJ, MS-E, MS-PE, RD-E 24
Domestic ME, MS 36
Domestic MM, MMS, RD 24
All Accessories except ME-ARC50 remote 12
All ME-ARC50 remote 24
All MP 12
All MMP 36

Five Year Warranty for Systems Purchased with Enclosure

1 Magnum Energy® equipment comes with U.S.A. quality built in and the company stands behind its product. If you purchase Magnum Energy® enclosures (panels) simultaneously with your inverter or inverter–charger, and install them as a combined system, you can benefit from extended warranty protection, even in international markets. For such inverters and inverter–chargers installed and operated in the Magnum Energy enclosure designed for the items, on submission of proof of purchase, Magnum Energy, Inc. will extend five year warranty coverage.

The limited warranty for a complete Magnum Energy System is now 5 years - beginning from the product’s original date of purchase - if it was ordered with and installed on one of Magnum Energy’s MMP or MP panel systems. The 5-year system warranty covers panels, inverters, remotes, and accessories with a proof-of-purchase showing that the Magnum products and the MMP or MP panel system were purchased at the same time.

Magnum Energy, Inc.

Mage® Solar

30 Year High Yield Guarantee

Mage® Solar Powertec Plus panels are guaranteed for ten years to perform at 100% of rated potential. For twelve years they will ouput at least 90% of rated output, and for up to thirty years they will output at least 80% of rated output. Note that Mage® Solar Powertec Plus arrays are not derated, but are specified at -0/+5% of output rating. Mage® Solar has been producing solar panels since 1994. These numbers stack up to high value with guaranteed high lifetime yield.

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