Sales and Distribution Resources

Catalogs, data sheets and product manuals found on this site can be complemented with collateral material like the items listed below. Pricing may be located on the price sheet page. Please contact us if we can help you sell our products in your area.

Magnum Energy

The units below are non-functioning inverter exterior cases without the internal parts of the actual equipment. They demonstrate the inverters' size and appearance to help buyers.

Sales Resources from Magnum Energy
Part name Description Note
ME-DISPLAY ME series display gray color
MS-DISPLAY MS series display white color
MM-DISPLAY MM series display  
MMS-DISPLAY MMS series display  

Solar Panel Catalogs

Click to solar panel catalogs in the solar panel documents section.

Mage® Solar has a dedicated online store website with promotional items for retailers and distributors. It offers apparel, bags, drinkware, office items, sports and outdoors items, tools, all of which reinforce the Mage® Solar brand. Everyone should have one of their Solar is Sexy tee-shirts! Or a nice coffee mug!

Coffee mug
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