Solar Panels - Guaranteed Quality and Longevity

International Energy Sales Asia, Ltd. distributes solar panels serving markets in Asia–Pacific, the greater Middle East, and northern Africa. One feature that distinguishes these photovoltaic panels is their long-life and high output guarantee.

Renewable Energy Applications

The rigid solar panels we distribute are ideal for renewable energy off–grid, backup power, and grid–tie applications because they deliver more power than other photovoltaic technologies. Mage® Solar manufactures these panels in the USA.

Mage is pronounced / ˈ m a ˌ g ɛ /

We offer a monocrystalline panel rated at 190 watts (Wp) and polycrystalline panels rated at 230 watts or 235 watts output. A brochure about Mage® Solar products is also available for reference. Accessories include German–engineered mounting systems for most sloped roof installations.


Mage® Solar 30 Year High Yield Guarantee

Mage® Solar Powertec Plus panels are guaranteed to perform for ten years at 100% of rated potential output. They will produce for twelve years at least 90% of rated output. They will deliver for up to thirty years at least 80% of rated output. Note that Mage® Powertec Plus arrays are not derated, but are specified at -0/+5% of output rating. Mage® Solar has been producing solar panels since 1994. These numbers stack up to high value with guaranteed high lifetime yield.

Quality Certified

Mage Solar panels meet or exceed a variety of globally recognized safety and quality certifications, from UL, CE, CEC, FSEC, and IEC 61215, IEC 61730.

Real World Applications

Learn about a recent application in Afghanistan (also archived on WebCite®) for one example of how solar panels are being deployed today.

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