1000 Watt / 12 VDC Inverter–Charger MM1012E

For 230 VAC/50 Hz Applications

US–made inverter MPN MM1012E from Magnum Energy, Inc. provides 1000 Watts of 230 Volt AC / 50 Hertz modified sine wave electrical service from a 12 Volt DC battery bank. Charger delivers 50 amps DC maximum. MSRP $ 720.00 USD discounted retail price yields a cost of $ 0.72 per watt. Buy this inverter.

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Inverter MM1012E Features:
Output is modified sine wave
Output voltage is 230 VAC (+/- 5%)
50 Hz output frequency (+/- 0.4 Hz)
12 VDC (9 to 16 VDC) battery bank voltage
1750 Watts 5–second surge rating
1600 Watts 30–second surge rating
1350 Watts 5–minute surge rating
1180 Watts 30–minute surge rating
1000 Watts continuous power at 25°C (77°F)
50 amps DC maximum charge rate inverter–charger.
Compliance mark: None
Length Width Height: 42 cm 21 cm 12 cm (16.6” 8.4” 4.7”)


MM-E series inverter

MM-E Series Inverter–Charger

Large image of MM-E series inverter


Magnum Energy®

Inverter MM1012E is a modified sine wave inverter–charger. It provides 1000 Watts of 230VAC 50Hz output from a 12VDC battery bank. The built-in 50 amp 12VDC charger recharges your battery bank when supplied with external AC power. Discounted retail price is $ 720.00.

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