230 VAC /50 Hz Modified Sine Wave Inverter–Chargers

People may refer to inverter–chargers as inverters, but these are properly called inverter–chargers. Each of these models includes a battery charger. This page lists the inverter–chargers we distribute for Magnum Energy, Inc. We also distribute inverter–only (no charger) models, inverter accessories and inverter mounting panels. These inverters are USA–made for off–grid renewble energy applications. To buy, contact a merchant in your country.

Modified Sine Wave Models

Compare 230 VAC / 50 Hz Models
The 230 VAC / 50Hz  inverter specifications table shows key features for comparision.
Modified Sine Wave Inverter–Chargers (230 VAC / 50 Hz)
RD4024E 4000 Watt / 24 VDC
RD2624E 2600 Watt / 24 VDC
MM1324E 1300 Watt / 24 VDC
MM1012E 1000 Watt / 12 VDC
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