About International Energy Sales Asia, Ltd.

Renewable Energy Experience

International Energy Sales Asia, Ltd. was formed in 2011 to meet rising global demand for renewable and sustainable energy. Managing Director Brad Dwan (see Management) has over 25 years of experience in major export account sales and management for United States manufacturers of industrial and commercial batteries. Mr. Dwan has developed strategic business relationships in renewable energy markets throughout the Asia–Pacific and greater Middle East regions.

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International Energy Sales Asia, Ltd. is the Magnum Energy Inc. factory–authorized distributor for Asia–Pacific and MENA territories. In this arena, International Energy Sales Asia, Ltd. is currently building a service and distribution network for US–made Magnum Energy® inverters, inverter–chargers, accessories and mounting panels. Magnum Energy® products are indepently certified to ANSI/UL and CE standards. Magnum Energy® inverters are suitable for off–grid applications.

Solar Panels

Solar panels complement renewable, sustainable energy installations. International Energy Sales Asia, Ltd. is also an authorized distributor for Mage® Solar USA solar energy equipment. Mage® Solar manufactures a complete line of certified photovoltaic (solar) panels and systems. These panels are suitable for off–grid or grid–tie applications.

Deep Cycle Batteries for Energy Storage

International Energy Sales Asia, Ltd. recommends US Battery Company's renewable energy and deep cycle batteries for end–users, installers, and system integrators. US Battery Company's products are designed from the inside out with proven XC technology that delivers longer service life, more KwH capacity, proven performance, and lower cost of ownership. With US-made quality, US Battery products comprise the cornerstone of off–grid renewable energy storage solutions. Click to US Battery export dealers for:

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