Solar Panel Specifications

Mage® Solar US-made Arrays

This page describes specifications of US-made photovoltaic arrays, or solar panels, from Mage Solar. These products are designed in Germany but manufactured or assembled in the United States. They qualify as USA-made under the terms of the ARRA. Mage® Solar mounting systems are engineered for code compliance across a variety of sloped roof types. These mounting systems also assemble about thirty percent faster than competitors' systems. Faster assembly delivers labor and cost savings. Specifications or price may be subject to change without notice.

US-Made Photovoltaic Arrays, Features, Documentation. Individual data sheets have complete details.
Model Data Sheet Silicone Peak Output Capacity Watts
Max Voltage
Max Current Amps
Module Efficiency
235-6-PH-US PH-US Polycrystalline 235 29.50 7.98 14.79%
190-5-MH-US MH-US Monocrystalline 190 36.50 5.21 15.27%
230-6-PH-US PH-US Polycrystalline 230 29.38 7.85 14.48%
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