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This page is being adapted for Mage® Solar product info. These documents describe features of solar panels and mounting systems from Mage Solar, Inc. Mage® Solar high quality photovoltaic modules and mounting systems are German engineered to deliver high value, high lifetime yield, and fast assembly. The Mage® Solar products we distribute are USA–made. Many documents below are listed by product part number. For MSRP information quoted in $USD, see the Mage® Solar price list 2012 Rev A. For convenience, a pop–up currency conversion tool and unit conversion tool are available.

Catalogs and Brochures

Catalogs – 230 Volt

Catalogs – 120 Volt

Catalogs – Accessories

Catalogs – Mounting Systems

Data Sheets and Specifications

Data Sheets – 230 Volt

Data Sheets – 120 Volt

Data Sheets – Accessories

Data Sheets – Mounting Systems

Manuals and Instructions

Manuals – 230 Volt

Manuals – 120 Volt

Manuals – Accessories

Manuals – Mounting Systems


Diagrams – 230 Volt

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Diagrams – 120 Volt

Second tab content

Diagrams – Accessories

Third tab content

Diagrams – Mounting Systems


Videos – 230 Volt

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Videos – 120 Volt

Videos – Accessories

Videos – Mounting Systems

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