120VAC/60Hz Inverters

Magnum Energy®

As used on this page, the term inverter refers to inverter–only devices with no battery charger. Magnum Energy® currently produces one 120 Volt inverter–only model, the modified sine–wave inverter MM612 shown below. Magnum Energy® manufactures several models of 120 VAC inverter–chargers. They are inverters with a built–in battery charger. Click to a specifications table for 120 VAC / 60 Hz inverter–chargers.

Magnum Energy® produces a high performance inverter for a reasonable price. Their products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States. They are entirely USA-made to provide 120 Volt / 60 Hertz electrical service.

The model shown here functions only as a DC to AC inverter and provides no AC to DC charging. Data sheets contain complete specifications. Magnum Energy® inverter accessories include interconnection equipment, remote controls, automatic generator start controllers, web monitoring equipment, battery monitoring kits, mounting panels, and more. Specifications or price may be subject to change without notice.

120VAC / 60Hz Inverters, Features, Documentation. See series data sheets for complete details. Or click to information on 230VAC / 50Hz inverters.
Model Series Data Sheet Input Battery Voltage (VDC)
Inverter Output Capacity Watts
AC Wave Form Charger Output Capacity Amps
Owner's Manual
MM6121 MM (no charger) 12
9 – 15.5
600 Modified Sine Wave N/A Manual
(no charger)


1Inverter only, no battery charger.

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