Battery Chargers

We do not currently distribute battery charger–only devices. If you represent a battery charger made in the United States that our distributors and retailers would appreciate knowing about, please contact us. We are primarily interested in robust charger–only devices which would complement our product line.

Battery Chargers in our Renewable Energy Markets

Our markets for renewable energy products and systems span half the globe. We distribute to further distributors and retailers in Asia–Pacific, the greater Middle East, and northern Africa. We seek information on the following types of chargers with adjustable set points for renewable energy applications using a variety of battery types.

Battery chargers by voltage
12 Volt
24 Volt
48 Volt

All of the inverter–chargers we distribute include built–in battery chargers. The inverter–charger can not only invert DC to AC electricity, but also recharge DC battery banks. Battery charging is possible when the inverter–charger is supplied with AC electricity, typically from a grid–tie to local electric utility or from an off–grid electrical generator. Units without a built–in battery charger we call inverters, to distinguish them from inverter–chargers. The battery charger built in to Magnum Energy® inverter–chargers is a power factor corrected (PFC) battery charger. This PFC charger operates more efficiently than standard battery chargers. The PFC charger uses 25% to 30% less energy than standard battery chargers.

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